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The 2019 CWC Men’s Retreat

Written by Evan Byer, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist and facilitator for the Men’s Support Group Now, more than ever, it is especially important for men to have a safe space to process pressing issues in life. When men are compared with women on a variety of psychological and physical health parameters, men score significantly lower. […]

Finding Hope After Loss

By: Donna Oldenburg When a loved one dies, you expect to feel sadness, but may be surprised by the myriad other emotions you may encounter. Grief is a roller coaster ride with rapidly changing emotions—anger, guilt, fear remorse— all of which can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Even the simplest of tasks such as getting out […]

Humble Beginnings

By: Doris Downing On January 16, 2019 the Cancer Wellness Center will celebrate 30 years of helping people live better while living with cancer. We sat down to discuss the early days of the Center with one of our founders, Patsy Winicour, who is still very active with the organization today. While the Center has […]

New Ways to Stay Connected with the Center

By: Matt Pochowicz Social media has become a very integral part of society. Whether it is for personal use or business use, most individuals use social media. Even though social media usage can carry negative connotations, such as keeping people on their phones too much, losing touch of what it means to actually talk to […]

Couples and Cancer: Increasing Your Fun Quotient

By: Megan McMahon Cancer is stressful and, often, all consuming.  It has a way of becoming the focus of our day to day, not just psychologically, but practically as well.  The time spent in navigating our way around the changes.  The hours spent at the doctor’s office or in the treatment room.  The moments for […]

Why Consider a Support Group?

Written By: Kim Matthews   You can review research literature to discover numerous benefits of support groups. Research studies, as well as the Center’s own group evaluations, have shown that participation in cancer support groups can reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Group members often learn from one another about healthy ways of coping with stress, […]