New Ways to Stay Connected with the Center

By: Matt Pochowicz

Social media has become a very integral part of society. Whether it is for personal use or business use, most individuals use social media. Even though social media usage can carry negative connotations, such as keeping people on their phones too much, losing touch of what it means to actually talk to people and more, social media usage can be positive and helpful. Social Media can be used to give people a voice, keep up with old friends who you may not be in touch with every day, to help promote a business or organization, and so much more. At the Cancer Wellness Center, social media usage is very important.

Using our social media outlets allows us to constantly connect with those that support us and share what we are doing here at the center with everyone. Social media can help create a sense of community, which is very important for individuals and organizations. With the launch of the Center’s new website, more features are available to help us connect with those that support us and use our services.

The first new addition is our blog. The CWC blog allows us to reach out and connect with those that take part in the Center in a way that separates us from others. Through the blog, we are able to provide more information to those affected by cancer, whether it is dietary information, information about classes or groups that we offer, developmental information about the Center, and more. More importantly, all posts are written by staff members, which means readers are getting information from those that know it best. By including so many different topics on the blog, we are able to have something for everyone. For those that want to support the Center, we have multiple posts about the Center’s fundraising efforts and how people can get involved with the center’s fundraising efforts. For those that are participants at the Center or those affected by cancer in any way, we have many posts on dealing with life with a diagnosis. These pieces provide can provide help and knowledge in areas that classes or workshops may not. By putting these areas together, the CWC Blog brings both our supporters and participants together in one place and continues this idea of a community.

The second and most important addition is our new Social Media Ambassador position. This position is open to anyone who is an active user of social media or has an understanding of how social media works. Also, this opportunity is the best way to get involved with the Center and help us carry out our mission. Social Media has become the best way to spread news quick and easily. One Facebook post or Tweet can be created and reach hundreds of people or more in a short amount of time. The Social Media Ambassador is work that is easy and fun. By sharing the Center’s posts and messages, mentioning @cancerwellnesscenter on Facebook and @cancer_wellness on Twitter, and engaging with the Center on LinkedIn, you can help expand the Center’s reach and grow our amount of supporters. If this opportunity interests you, click here to fill out our Social Media Ambassador questionnaire so we can get you started on being the Cancer Wellness Center’s newest supporter!