Create Your Own Event

Craft your own innovative, fun event to support the Center.

There are many ways to raise money and awareness for the Cancer Wellness Center. By hosting your own event, you can connect your family, friends, and community to the Center. Your support is critical to ensure that the Center’s programs and services continue to be FREE to all of those impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

There are many occasions to support the Center – Mitzvah Projects, Personal Celebrations, Birthdays/Anniversaries, School Charity Drives, In Honor or In Memory of a loved one, Philanthropy…

Here are a few creative, personal fundraising ideas for events:

  • Handmade Greeting Card Sale
  • Sports Tournament
  • Game night (Bingo, Poker, Mahj, etc.)
  • Battle of the Bands/Concert
  • Lemonade Stand or Bake Sale
  • Exercise Classes (in-person or virtual)
  • Dog Walking
  • Create a Facebook Fundraiser