Planned Giving

Leave a Legacy and Fund the Future

Join the Center’s Kassel Society, and partner with us as we lead our effort to secure the future with a strong endowment fund. The fund helps ensure the provision of life enhancing support to those in our community living with cancer, for many years to come.  Ted and Estelle Kassel were one of Cancer Wellness Center’s early leaders in shaping the future of the Center as it stands today. The Kassel Society was created as a way to ensure the future of the Center’s vitally needed programs and services.  

You can provide under your will or living trust agreement not only for your loved ones, but for organizations like the Cancer Wellness Center, which have made a difference in your life. When making or revising your will or trust you should obtain the assistance of an attorney. Your attorney will tell you how you can:

  • Give a specific dollar amount
  • Give a share or entire residue of your estate
  • Give personal property
  • Give real estate