Cancer Wellness | Cancer Resources | Cancer Support

As part of its mission to assist everyone touched by cancer, all cancer programs and services are free of charge.

Cancer Education & Resources

Research has found that seeking cancer information increases one’s sense of control, improves the ability to make decisions, reduces anxiety and makes communication with healthcare team easier.

Cancer Support Services: Counseling and Groups

Our support services address the emotional impact of cancer by strengthening coping strategies, bolstering social support, and broadening social networks.

Cancer Wellness Programs

Evidence-based classes for physical and mental strength that aim to increase one’s overall well-being. Includes exercise, yoga and more!

Lisa Klitzky Young Adult Program

Programs and support services specifically designed to meet the needs of young adult cancer survivors and their families.

Children and Family Cancer Support

Cancer coping support and support groups for the whole family, including children and teens.


Expert nutritional guidance for cancer supportive care provided by Cancer Wellness Center’s Oncology Dietitian.

Supportive Care & Resources

Our highly credentialed staff can help you or a loved one with a wide variety of cancer research, information on national cancer centers, helpful books and literature on dealing with a cancer diagnosis, access to recorded webcasts on informative lectures, and so much more. We are here to provide supportive care and guidance. All of our programs are offered free of charge.

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