Apps That Support Your Mental Health and Wellness

Written by: Michelle Mattero

While we are all doing our best to manage the numerous challenges of the pandemic, many individuals are experiencing stress and anxiety more than ever. During this time of social distancing and isolation, it can feel very difficult to connect with others, remain calm and stress-free all while feeling hopeful through the madness. Luckily, technology has your back and there is help and support at your fingertips. Whether you are on the go, taking a walk, or enjoying a peaceful moment at home, there is sure to be an app that can help you bolster your mental health and wellness.

Mindfulness and meditation apps provide an easy way to reconnect with the present moment, take a deep breath and recharge. Apps designed to target anxiety and stress work to combat negative thought patterns and teaches users breathing techniques, yoga, stretches, hypnosis, guided imagery and more to help you manage your mood and thoughts in a more effective way.

Below is a list of readily available mental health apps available on all smart phones and devices. Most of the apps are free to use or offered at a reasonable price to make therapeutic techniques and practices more accessible, portable and there when you need it most.

For additional resources, tools and support for managing feelings of stress and anxiety, please consider joining Cancer Wellness Center’s Virtual Anxiety Support Group. The group will run on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00-2:00 PM, June 17-July 22.

For more information or to register, please contact Katie Hull at (847)562-4981 or

Click here for the list of apps.