Program Recap: Blood Cancer Q&A

This week, the Cancer Wellness Center partnered with Leukemia Research Foundation to offer our participants a Q&A on Blood Cancers. Dr. Jayesh Mehta, from Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Robert H Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, answered questions about the latest blood cancer information and how it relates to COVID-19.

Some of the questions he answered include:

  • What are the tests and results of the tests to determine if someone is immunocompromised?
  • Are there any known cases of COVID-19 in patients with CLL? How did they compare with other patient responses to the disease?
  • What new treatments are on the horizon for multiple myeloma?
  • Are there new treatments for CML supplemental to TKI’s (tyrosine kinase inhibitor)?

For the full Q&A, check out the recording below.


Thank you to Leukemia Research Foundation for partnering with us on this great program!