Cancer Surveillance and Screening

Last year, during the early phase of the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals across the nation saw a sharp decrease in recommended cancer screenings and surveillance*. Many people delayed their regular doctor visits in effort to reduce the potential exposure to the virus. With safely protocols in place, healthcare providers are now encouraging people to schedule appointments and surveillance tests with their healthcare team. In this special segment of our CWC Staff Chat, we invited Medical Oncologist, Dr. Bruce Brockstein, and Family Medicine Physician, Dr. Nicole Bogdanovich, from NorthShore University HealthSystem to answer common questions by our community. 

Some of the topics addressed included:

  • Changes seen over the last 12-15 months in the delivery of screening tests 
  • Precautionary measures taken by healthcare teams to ensure safety during testing 
  • Efficacy of masks in prevention of coronavirus transmission 
  • Going to appointments with loved ones 
  • General screening test guidelines (types of tests and frequencies on testing) 
  • Cancer screening recommendations for the family members (siblings, children etc) 
  • Surveillance recommendations and communicating side effects after a cancer diagnosis 

Tune in below to watch the full program: