Love Always Leads the Way

By CWC Development Staff


Recently we had the privilege of speaking with one of our donors to discuss her journey to become a dedicated supporter of the Center. It was 2006 when our friend Judith first learned about the Cancer Wellness Center by finding an informative brochure at the hospital while waiting for a loved one who was undergoing cancer treatment. At that pivotal moment, Judith was all too aware that she needed a big dose of community and support in order to move forward with strength, courage and resilience. She feels it was to her good fortune that this brochure from the Center caught her attention while in the hospital’s waiting area.


“The Cancer Wellness Center truly rescued me when I needed it most, it was meant to be! My individual therapy sessions and group support meetings became so vitally important and precious to me that I would drive the 25 miles to arrive at the Center and then 25 miles back home again every week. It was here that I found a welcoming community of friends and kindred spirits and will always be grateful for the expertise, compassion, and love from the Center’s extraordinary, devoted, and spirited team. 

 To this day, some 14 years later, I continue to stay thankful and connected to the Center because of its empathetic and skilled leadership which continues to simply amaze! In this expanding virtual world and during the many hardships of the global pandemic, the Center has remained steadfast and true to honoring its mission during this time of great challenge. ‘Improving the emotional and physical well-being of people affected by cancer’ is at the core of how the Center compassionately and uniquely reaches out to each individual and to families alike.”


Judith expressed that upon further reflection, love, the greatest gift of all, is what ultimately motivated her to first walk through the Center’s door in 2006. It is because of the meaning and memory of that moment that she recently and generously participated in our GROW campaign which has been instrumental in creating the Center’s new Labyrinth Garden.

She shared that a favorite poem, quote or piece of music can also inspire and help to soothe the mind in the midst of trauma, heartbreak and loss, whatever may be the reason. See Judith’s recommendations below, know that she sends her best to the entire CWC community.


A Few Favorite Poets: Marilyn Chin, Louise Gluck, Joy Harjo, Lisel Mueller, Muriel Rukeyser, Emily Dickinson.

Quote: “If you look the right way, you can that the whole world is a garden.” (Frances Hodgson Burnett, British-American author).


Music: With many thanks and gratitude to Bono & U2, Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way.